The Launch Post!

Welcome to my blog!  Here is the corner of the internet where I will publish updates with writings, photos and videos of everything about me.  Please visit often and let me know if you enjoy this blog.
A Review:
I just graduated from Zhejiang University with a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting journalism.  The four carefree years here in Hangzhou, China were filled with great highs and lows, times of euphoric happiness and times of debilitating sadness, times of activity and idleness, times of major gains and major losses, and meaningful friendships and relationships.
The Present:
At the moment I am I am planning to travel to Xinjiang, China in the middle August.  Currently I am packing up my residence here in Hangzhou and tying up other loose ends.  The present is certainly not easy as the excitement of graduation wore off and with the nostalgia of the recent past and the uncertainty of the future being constantly on my mind.  Wondering if the coming future will be as fulfilling as the past, and wondering if the friends and relationships from the past will carry on into the future.
Looking Forward:
As a new chapter of my life commences I wish to define goals for the coming future.  The broad outline of goals I have are: reach a state of emotional and relational self-sustainability, lessen my dependence on parents for monetary and emotional, social support, move towards monetary self-sustainability for eventually being fully independent; to start a family of my own.  The central goal from which all other goals are subservient and concomitant to is one of spiritual inner peace, happiness and contentment in all of life’s situations and ups and downs.
Please check back often!
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