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I’ve been a member of, a website that links travelers wishing to find free lodging (conventionally on couches, hence Couchsurfing) with locals willing to host travelers (known as Couchsurfers) since March 2008;  up to the present the Couchsurfing community had grown to more than 2 million members.  In the 2 years since I have been a member, I have hosted more travelers from far away and it was a fine way to meet new people.  Visit my profile here.
I’ve had the thought of traveling to Xinjiang since 2007, but have not gathered up the resolve to set out on solo journey to this far western region of China, a cultural and ethnic focal point between the East and West.
Through I came into contact with at least 2 other travelers currently in China and planning to make the trip to Xinjiang.  We plan to make the trip together starting in the middle of August.  Updates from the trip will definitely be posted!
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