Home on the Island – Taipei (Part 1) 島上家園 - 台北市 (第一部)

Food, fun, culture, and convenience… this is Taipei! Good Food!

A video I made back in 2009 about delicious Taipei night market food.

A kite and Taipei 101.

Taipei's location on the island of Taiwan via Google Earth.

At the park where I played as a child.

The Cityscape

Developed without much central-planning and lacking an organized, grid-like street structure typical of North American cities, Taipei grew out of early settlements with Japanese influence in the architecture (the Presidential Office building was built by the Japanese).  The layout and appearance of the city can seem very chaotic and disorganized, but there probably isn’t a more convenient city elsewhere on the globe with food, shopping, and entertainment never far.

A street view of Taipei.

Seemingly disorganized architecture of Taipei.

A Taipei church.

Fast-moving scooters, probably the dominant form of motorized transportation in Taipei.

View of the city from the ground up.

Under the Taipei Metro tracks above city streets.

Dusk view of Taipei near National Taiwan University Hospital.

Intersection near my home.

Taipei’s Culture and Lifestyle

The lifestyle of Taipei has been described as a heavily work and school oriented, fast-paced and incredibly efficient.  In the years of living here I still have not understood the true extent of the pressures to succeed academically the younger Taipei residents are under.  During a visit to a local “cram school/buxiban” (establishments offering cramming courses mainly to pass exams, offering classes outside normal school hours) I found out that the schedule for a course aimed at gaining entry to National Taiwan University is 12+ hours per day of class, lasting from early morning to 9-10 PM.  The pressures Taipei is under to succeed in any way is incredibly heavy.

Culturally, Taipei has a rich mix from the period of Japanese occupation to American influences.  This is especially evident in the food where heavy Japanese influence is evident.


Taiwan is known for the food, and Taipei is the foodie capital of the island.  Seafood is a major staple, an advantage of location on a sub-tropical island.

The freshest, most natural way of enjoying fish, seen at a roadside banquet.

Sashimi at a popular restaurant.

Fresh fish on display, ready for selection by diners.

A wide selection offering many seafood choices... and species.

Mmm... lobster Taiwanese style, seen at a street-side banquet.

A table-full of lobster dishes at the street-side banquet.

My Hometown

Taipei has been my home for practically my entire lifetime.  My early-life years were spent here and it is where I now call home.

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One Response to Home on the Island – Taipei (Part 1) 島上家園 - 台北市 (第一部)

  1. Dan says:

    Nice pics. I think I recognized almost every location.

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