About Me 關於我

On the return journey to Kashgar on the Karakoram Highway linking China and Pakistan.


我的汉语名字是王博成,我的英语名字是 Robert P Wang。王博成是我祖父为我取的,我家族所有的男生的名字都以 “王博” 开头。英语名字中的 “P” 是因为它的读音与 “博” 相似而选取的。

3 Responses to About Me 關於我

  1. Jean says:

    Hope you continue your blog and document life journey’s highlights. Amazingly I haven’t gone to visit Asia yet since I was born in Canada. And kudos to you to have a bilingual blog. That takes effort.

    Jean also @ http://cyclewriteblog.wordpress.com

  2. shipu says:

    Boombastik Robbie bro

  3. Carol says:

    加油 你一定可以做到ㄉ^^

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