Travel and Adventure 旅行與探險

中國西部 Western China, Summer 2010

– Xiahe, of southern Gansu province (Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture)

In Xiahe, Gansu Province.

“A Tibet Outside Tibet 西藏外的西藏”

– Ürümqi, capital of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

Cosmopolitan Ürümqi

– Kashgar of China’s west

Silk Road Oasis – Kashgar

A dancer in Kashgar.

– The Karakoram Highway

Near the Roof of the World – the Karakoram Highway

At the Karakoram Highway

— Dunhuang, the ancient frontier.

What Time? It’s Dunhuang 趕時間嗎?這裡是敦煌

At Dunhuang Airport on arrival.


An easy way to help preserve the environment when traveling.



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